From its experience in serving hundreds of churches and ministries, Confluence Ministries has enjoyed a unique privilege of  leading many multi-church, interdenominational, cross-cultural, short-term mission teams to other nations.  

By blending its deep experience and strong multi-faceted teams, the Confluence foreign outreach ventures seek to impart God’s compassion, mercy and love through broad expressions of ministry and services.  These examples are only a small and general summary of the outreach outlets often utilized: 

  • Medical services
  • Music celebrations
  • Children’s learning and play activities and ministry
  • Sports clinics and exhibitions 
  • Construction or service projects
  • Drama and art exhibits
  • Prayer and learning events
  • Cultural exchanges

We have established strong relationships with missionaries in the countries where we have gone to serve.  These missions partnerships represent dynamic and effective mission endeavors, ripe for collaboration with believers and congregations in other countries.   

Read about the recent “Father’s Heart” outreach to our border at El Paso/Juarez.