General Educational Development (GED)

Spanish-speaking education at Confluence enhances educational and economic opportunities, and stimulates positive transformation of individuals, families, and communities.

Classes translated from English are not appropriate for Spanish-speaking students preparing for the GED exam. Translated programs are mostly help- ful to students who want to develop their understanding of English grammar.

It is critically important for Spanish-speaking individuals to practice for the GED exam in their native language.

Why wait any longer.

  • Increase your options for getting a good job and going to college
  • Open the door to new opportunities with a GED certificate
  • Overcome your disadvantages in this competitive job market

 Spanish Prep-Classes and Testing

  • Students receive resources for Spanish-speakers that help them prepare for the GED exam.
  • Test prep courses cover each subject covered (reading, writing, social studies, science, and mathematics) on the exam.
  • Testing is available through certified providers

Classes are open to everyone.

Course material is provided for a minimum fee. Books may be returned for credit.