Citizenship Preparation Classes

Citizenship classes are offered for adults who are preparing to take the US Citizenship and Immigration Services citizenship examination. Our course addresses the content of the exam itself as well as the language skills necessary for the USCIS interview.

Class Goals
Preparing for the citizenship interview and passing the citizenship test is the goal of the Citizenship Class at Confluence. We make sure students know U.S. history and government, the Constitution, civics questions, dictated written questions, and questions in the N-400.

Class Descriptions
The Citizenship Preparation class teaches students the skills and knowledge needed to pass the U.S. Citizenship interview and become citizens. The class covers U.S. history, government, politics, geography, customs and traditions. Students also learn the USCIS “100 questions” that will be asked during the interview and are taught to verbally answer questions from the N-400 Naturalization form. Though it is not an ESL class, some basic elements of grammar as well as appropriate vocabulary are taught.

Do not delay! Prepare yourself for the Naturalization interview with the Immigration and Naturalization Service by coming to our classes.

Class Dates/Time
Saturdays from 10:00am – 12:30pm (starting in September)