As a faith-based organization, Confluence Ministries applies its Christian values and a set of practices which play a special role in overcoming poverty and disadvantage, knitting society together at the grass roots and deepening the value of community.

The role of Confluence involves building relationships and empowering people to take part in resolving the issues that affect their lives.  We act from the principle that within the faith-based and local community there is a wealth of knowledge and experience which, if used in creative ways, can be channeled into collective action to help people and communities achieve their potential.

One example of this involves our direct leadership in starting and supporting the community neighborhood association, WeCAN in our immediate vicinity.   The impact in the neighborhood has been quite outstanding, with crime levels reduced 19% last year and neighbor participation rates very strong.

Our programs focus on creating opportunities for the community to learn new skills, and enable people to act together, and to foster social inclusion and cooperation.  We have observed that education and community empowerment stimulates this growth, especially in under-served communities that have limited general educational and training resources.

Currently, our Educational programs include English as a Second Language (ESL), GED prep classes (in Spanish), Citizenship classes, Computer training, and Whiz Kids (an after-school tutoring for elementary students).  We also  lead a MOPS group (Mothers of Pre-School children).  More information is located in the respective program pages.

Other educational events that occur throughout the year include music and the arts, financial literacy, family and relational wholeness, social justice, ethnic diversity and others topics.