Confluence Ministries has been privileged to partner with Jeff Puckett of Prayer One Ministries for several years, in gathering ministry, business, government and charity leaders from across the city to participate in a unique and inspirational aviation experience.

On Monday mornings at Centennial Airport, Mr. Puckett boards his seven-passenger helicopter he’s dubbed Prayer One. He then spends the morning flying pastors, ministers and others involved in local ministry over Denver. 
(See article of Living Legends of Aviation Award received by Jeff Puckett, acknowledging Prayer One)

The flight takes about 22 minutes and are designed to encourage leaders to see the city without boundaries; to challenge passengers to expand their mission through prayer, to encourage partnerships and aerial observation; and to emphasize the blessings of the city.

Passengers have the opportunity to enjoy more than a fun, unique and inspirational ride.  They are able to connect with other ministry leaders who they may otherwise never meet, and to break down barriers between urban and suburban churches or between other denominations or domains across society.  In the process, Prayer One is forging new intra-city, cross-charity and interdenominational community collaboration.

For Confluence, this partnership provides a unique opportunity to bring together various organizations/individuals to expand their perspective of community, to promote collaboration, and to provide a memorable time of encouragement.

But most importantly, this unique aviation experience is an opportunity to pray for the welfare of the city.

FLIGHT TIMES (temporarily on hold)

  • Mondays, (weather permitting)  >>>>>> 
    Call 303.900.8201 the morning of your flight for confirmation/cancellation.
  • Launch from *XJet (8201 Interport Blvd, Centennial)
  • Time: 7:30am to approximately 10:00am
  • There is no charge for flights
* Do not exit E-470 because of the Toll Road. To arrive at XJet continue south on I-25 and exit the Lincoln Ave exit heading east toward S Peoria St. Head north on S Peoria St toward Centennial Airport until the road ends at the Interport Sign, then turn left, heading west to the XJet building.


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