Outreach Opportunities

I would like to thank all those who attended the Incarnational Leadership Initiative (ILI) last month entitled “Innovative Outreach”. The forum speakers were insightful, the discussion was lively among a diverse room of pastors, outreach pastors and creative outreach ministries.  Many in attendance provided information about their outreach projects and ways others can participate.

Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU) | Hugh Brandt – (720) 318-5927 – [email protected]

Casa de Paz | Sarah Jackson – 719-510-7747 – [email protected]

Central Baptist Church (CBC) | Luke Baker – 303-366-1527 – [email protected]

Champions 4 Him | Ruben Magaña – 303-506-4091 – [email protected]
Freedom Connect. We exist to meet the needs of the poor, broken and outcast of society. Equipping hurting people for life change.

CITCBA | Megan Sharp – 720-628-8776 – [email protected]
Sunday mornings – Wednesday evenings – Mentors -faithful Teaching ideas & resources.

CRU | Andrew Chepin – 509-432-4265 – [email protected]

CRU | John Lamb – 303-522-6980 – [email protected]

CRU | Shawn Taylor – 303-842-2320 – [email protected]
2/9/13 7:30 – 8:30pm Volunteer Recruitment Dessert. We are hosting a dessert to introduce our ministry to folks who would be interested in helping in the mission of reaching Denver High Schoolers for Christ. In addition to meeting our staff and hearing our vision. They will be invited to step into clearly defined vital volunteer opportunities.

Curch In The City/Beth Abraham (CITCBA) | Ray Gallegos – 720-474-0516 – [email protected]
Morning Manna/Thursday night Homeless Outreach. We reach out to our homeless community 3 days a week (3 mornings 1-evening). We give them prayer and the gospel. Our Needs: Prayer food donations toiletries and winter clothing: coats gloves hats sleeping bags etc.

Denver Community Church | Amanda Lum – 720-352-8504 – [email protected]
11/2-3/13 (date of Conference) Denver Faith & Justice Conference (DFJC) Pre-Conference & Main Conference events. The DFJC is a 2 day Conference that offers two days of training on how to actively respond to local injustices. Diverse churches and non-profits through the DFJC equip and empower individuals and communities to identify and respond to the most pressing issues in our city (www.dfjc.org).

Denver Housing Authority | Becky O’Brien – 720-956-3809 – [email protected]
Assistance with child/youth activities food prep/ we will have booths you can set up to promote your purpose/prize contributions classes for education on home ownership.

Extreme Community Makeover | Angela Bomgaars – 720-235-8847 – [email protected]

Faith Bible Chapel | Dale Peterson – 303-550-6997 – [email protected]
Promotion; missions project facilitation; English instruction; Muslim evangelism training. Retired missions partner (70 yrs) and FBC missions pastor.

First Denver Friends Church | Ben Anthony – 720-351-1132 – [email protected]
Newly formed outreach committee. New Pastor selected for success in encouraging the church in Ohio to reach out of its four walls. Our church is very weak in outreach, would like to partner with local ministries like Confluence. Also partner with Project 1.27 working with the foster care system. Have had 8 foster kids, 3 of whom were adopted and the other 5 are still being prayed for as well as their families that were met.

First Denver Friends Church | John Pierce – 303-455-7604 – [email protected]
3/30/13 Christian Easter Egg Hunt. Location park across from Church. Age appropriate egg hunt – Sat. before Easter sharing gospel message with parents & children – Encouraging parents to create a growing Christian home to nurture & raise their children – with Christ as the center. (meeting any other needs of these families) NEEDS: Volunteers $$ for supplies prayer for souls to be drawn to Christ.

First Denver Friends Church | Meg Clark[email protected]

Flourish Arts | Maria Pompea – 719-963-6210 – [email protected]
Community Arts Program -ongoing classes. Visit web site www.flourisharts.org.

General Air | Gary Armstrong – 303-892-7003 – [email protected]
Welder now or want-to-be.

God’s Grace Community Church | Claudia Larson – 303-902-0075

God’s Grace Community Church | Vikki Luce[email protected]
2/2/13 9:00-4:00 @ Paris Elementary School – Expert on passing on the Faith shares tips for getting in touch with each of our child of God and raising kids and others in faith. Speaker: Dr. Dick Hardel co-author Passing on the Faith. What congregations and families and communities can do to strengthen faith.

Gods Grace Community Church | David Jensen – 720-341-8766 – [email protected]
2/2/13 Dr. Hardel Day will be at Paris Elementary in Aurora. Sharing having “Faith Like a Child”. 2/10/13 Brad Corrigan of “Light Love & Melody” will lead GGCC worship at Rock Canyon High School in Highlands Ranch giving an update on LLM’s ministry in Nicawagua & Pine Ridge S.D.”

Geoff Moses – 720-217-4716

Greenwood Community Church | Becky Boman – 303-916-7455 – [email protected]

Greenwood Community Church | Gershwin Sandberg – 303-845-0281 – [email protected]

Groundwire | Bruce Cameron – 720-288-6553 – [email protected]
Helping other ministries to expand their outreach by adding our chat resource onto their website.

Groundwire | Jim Matthews – 303-660-3582 – [email protected] net

Indonesian Foursquare Church of Denver | Yesaya Manik Bangapadang[email protected]

Legal Shield | Donald Britt – 303-356-5740 – [email protected]

Light of the Nations | Haley Millar – 206-941-9804 – [email protected]
7/9-12/13 & 7/16-19/13 each day 9:00am – 12:00pm Learning Lab This event is an outreach to the refugee kids of east Denver and Aurora. We provide 8 days of academic learning and combine that with Bible learning and a whole lot of fun. We will be working with children from preschool up to 8th grade focusing on helping these English learners develop confidence and a passion for reading and writing. Specific needs are teachers working with groups of 5-8 students assistant teachers a team of people to lead arts & crafts an activity/games director and people to provide and serve snack transportation.

Light of the Nations | Ini Edet – 303-827-5357

Mark Jefferson[email protected]

Mile High Vineyard | Annie Rose Taylor – 575-636-3615 – [email protected]

Mile High Vineyard | Nicole McAdoo-Popovich – 303-474-5224 – [email protected]

Mountair Christian Church | Trevor Lee – 303-237-5526 – [email protected]
Ongoing: Whiz Kids and Kids Club. We help students with homework love them and share about life with Jesus. Whiz Kids with junior high is on Tuesday evening & Kids Club with elementary age is on Thursday evenings. We can use tutors/mentors and encouragement for local kids to come. (We’re near Colfax & Sheridan).

Neighbors Network | Kelli Hayes – 720-231-6436

New Beginnings Ministry Denver | Dave Romero – 720-299-1901 – [email protected]

Open Door Fellowship | Chris Hooper – 303-250-1058 – [email protected]
I’m taking suggestions. We take donations in any denomination. We accept credit cards cash gold or silver 🙂

Open Door Fellowship | Mary Tellis[email protected]

Passion To Action | Jay Loecken – 678-502-0940 – [email protected]
Beginning in Feb. or March we will begin hosting Monthly worship night and a monthly service project. If anyone is interested please contact me for details.

Pete Menconi – 303-917-0060 – [email protected]

Providence Network | Linda Collins – 303-229-6278 – [email protected]
Next step – housing organic Christian Community

Purple Door Coffee | Madison Chandler – 731-217-6642 – [email protected]

Purple Door Coffee | Mark Smesrud – 701-720-1351 – [email protected]
Hoping to open March 2013!

River of Life Media | Sharon Neve – 303-431-1826 – [email protected]
Middle & High School student outreach using media music prayer ministry… – Looking for a few 12 to 17 year olds that are passionate for Christ & not white. Our whole team is Caucasian right now. I believe the Lord wants our team to be ethnically diverse.

SE Christian Church | Chris Page – 303-841-9292 – [email protected]
See website: www.sechristian.org

Shuffle in Biker Church | Bunny Fransua

2/16/13 and several “God’s Money Seminar”. Event/Seminar for church members & neighbors to increase wisdom in all areas of finance. NEEDS: More venues to provide understanding of how money works.”

Shuffle in Biker Church | Frenchie Fransua – 720-291-4898 – [email protected]
Late February First winter Bike event. Cash donations for prizes for Biker Games – several events: Best looking Bike; Most Bikes; Slow race; Arm wrestling; etc. We will also be printing many posters flyers and T-shirts.

Skate Ministry | Uriel Lubiek – 303-547-6993 – [email protected]

Volunteers In Action | Donn Hansum – 303-713-9144 – [email protected]
Ongoing: “Faith in Deed”. We link equip & mobilize Christians to show care and concern with elderly disabled & low-income who need a helping hand.

Westside Academy | Mark Lopez – 720-690-4980 – [email protected]
Participating church groups can walk/run the Bolder Boulder on May 27th and solicit sponsors. Sponsors can support participants who can raise money for our early childhood education program. Westside Academy is home of many children from Sun Valley Projects the poorest community in Colorado.