Collaborative Groups

One area of community development for Confluence, involves leading inter-NPO collaboration.  Examples of this includes:

  • Leading nearly 50 NPOs who serve in W. Colfax neighborhood to improve inter-NPO cooperation and to increase citizen involvement
  • Serving local NPOs and facilitating dozens of others in our city to do the same
  • Leading communities across all faith-based sectors in the Front Range to act on social issues of homelessness, prison re-entry, multi-cultural outreach, single-parenthood, fatherhood, at-risk families/youth/children, literacy, neighborhood service, and human exploitation.

Confluence leads or supports various groups who convene regularly for collaboration, including:

  • Music leaders and pastors (3rd Thursday, monthly)
  • Denver Missions Fellowship (2nd Monday, monthly)
  • Youth Leader Networks (1st Tuesday, Last Monday, monthly)
  • Youth Educators (monthly)
  • Multi-Cultural church leaders (monthly, various focus groups)
  • Pastors, exploring the Church’s response to social issues (monthly)
  • Colorado Collaborative Law (monthly)
  • Business Leaders collective
  • WeCAN, West Colfax neighborhood association (monthly)
  • Homeless-support agencies 

See Calendar or Upcoming Events for more schedule details.