City Events

We develop and promote opportunities that empower people and their “communities” to serve and impact their world with their talents, creativity and passion.  

 “We act on the principle that faith-based communities must express a relevant, transformational influence in society, present in every dimension of public life.”

The outcome is a plethora of creative impact expressions throughout the city in many events, venues and compassionate service project experiences throughout the year.  Some of these include:

  • Cystic Fibrosis Walk, Colfax Marathon, People’s Fair, Race for the Cure, and Cinco de Mayo
  • Other events are collaborative projects with organizations like CCU, LovEnglewood, Open Door Mission, Here’s Life, Ethnic America, Heaven Fest, Desperation Conference, Eternal Rock Festival to name a few
  • We partner with dozens of churches/ministries in support of their projects

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