CITY IMPACT / Collaboration

Our City Impact work involves a collaborative  outreach approach that empowers Christians to serve and influence our city for Christ with their talents, creativity and passion.  The outcome is a plethora of creative ministry expressions (music, art, service, etc.) across many events, venues and service project experiences throughout the year.

Our practical outreach experience is built on nearly 30 years of urban ministry by our executive directors, and extensive “cooperative collectives” with other ministries, agencies and innovative transformational leaders.  

Confluence leads diverse teams in several outreach events, and partners to help numerous organizations in their outreach events.  Our practice has earned us a preferred participant status with most of the major city and charitable events across the front range area, giving us and our partnerships an incredible platform to engage our cities. 

To learn about the types of inter-NPO efforts we are engaged in, see the Collaborative Groups page.

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