Located at 1400 Quitman St. in Denver (West Colfax Neighborhood), our 10,000 sf. outreach facility supports the Confluence Ministries mission in many ways.  With offices, a semi-commercial kitchen, classrooms and spacious meeting spaces, our facility enables us to effectively host collaborative meetings, ministry, along with many educational programs and events.

Building Renovation

When Jude and Cindy took possession of the building at 1400 Quitman in 2003, it had been vacant for nearly 15 years, was in a state of serious disrepair and deterioration.  It was reported to be the “center of crime” and violence in the W. Colfax Neighborhood, a serious threat and liability to the community. Embracing the idea of using this building, God began to lead the Del Hierros into His vision for this community and this building.

With the help of hundreds of volunteers and compassionate partners over a period of 7 years, the building interior was completely renovated and re-built into a beautiful and practical outreach center.  The patient, persistent hard work of these of people gave profound expression to more than a building… to a vision, to unselfish living, and to the reality of personal transformation through the worship of serving.

Check out the news article about our Open House Celebration and the renovation picture Gallery.

Building History

The building at 1400 Quitman was built in 1941 as a Yeshiva, a Jewish boy’s school.  Over the years, besides its use as a place for education and religious study, it also served as a Synagog serving Jewish residents throughout the W. Colfax communities.  The building has an important religious and educational heritage, and through the providence of God and the favor of many people, we expect that it will continue to be a valuable centerpiece to unify and strengthen our community.