Jude and Cindy Del Hierro- Founders & Directors

Jude and Cindy Del Hierro are natives of Colorado and have been in ministry around the Denver area for over 30 years.   For twelve of those years, they served as founding associate pastors of an inner-city church. In 2003, together with a team of volunteers from several churches, they founded Confluence Ministries.

Jude, widely regarded as the collaborator, is a catalyst for building constructive relationships across the boundaries of society, culture, and faith  communities.  His passionate leadership in outreach, worship, and networking has been a profound inspiration throughout the city and with many congregations and ministries.

Cindy, an inspirational and hands-on leader, gives compelling expression to the virtues of faith and hope. From her amazing life journey, comes an intimate trust in God, compassion for the hurting and practical discernment.  Her ministry to women and to the relationally broken has had significant impact to many individuals and families.

Jude and Cindy have traveled together and individually into many foreign countries, leading missions teams and in personal ministry endeavors.  Their broad ministry experience, insight and gifting is an invaluable asset in the Christian community.  They bring great passion,  conviction and a Biblical basis for networking the local and global church for practical servanthood.

The Del Hierros live in the inner-city of Denver where they have served from many years, and have three children and nine grandchildren.