Cinco de Mayo 2016

You know that Confluence is about collaboration.

We’re dedicated to bringing together diverse streams of the Christian community and society to help people, their families and communities through practical and tangible expressions of God’s love and compassion. That’s why we want to reach out to you regarding our Cinco de Mayo Event on May 7th & 8th.

Denver’s Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of freedom and culture. Cinco de Mayo celebrates the tradition of freedom and acknowledges the beauty of Latino culture. We also want to celebrate our diverse city and the freedom we have in Jesus Christ. Each year, Confluence Ministries is a stand out presence at this city event – we provide entertainment, activities for kids & families, and offer hospitality suite/outdoor cafe area for the large crowds. We are committed to being a presence in the city and would like to offer you and your organization an opportunity to add your voice to this awesome event.93674337-4bb5-4918-9f3b-2902f72d3c2a

We provide the space, tents, tables, and structural supplies and we’d love you to provide the people and (if desired) activities to make this area a haven at the Cinco de Mayo celebration. There are so many areas that your church or organization can serve at and make a difference. Maybe your Senior’s would like to help at the Info Station and connect with people conversationally? Maybe the Young Adults can man the outdoor cafe area? Maybe your Women’s Ministry would like to take a shift at our Pamper Station? Simply gather your team, sign up for your desired time slot, and bring the supplies you’re team would like to use. It’s that easy. Click the link below to see the sign up form and all the areas that are available for your team to serve.

We’ve seen so many amazing God-moments at Cinco de Mayo over the past few years, and we hope you and your team will join us for this impactful opportunity