2013 Race for the Cure

This is the 9th year that Confluence Band has played curbside for this significant Denver race, encouraging thousand of runners and spectators with inspiring music and water. This year, the Confluence volunteer musicians and service teams will again arrive on the early fall morning of September 29th to participate in a meaningful way in MAKING A DIFFERENCE in this breast cancer battle that affects all of us.

Read this amazing story of one mother who is stepping out at this event to influence for good!

Nicole was frustrated that every youth dance company in the city solely focused on competitive programming, which led her to consider the idea that she could be the catalyst for a new solution: one that provided dance training and performance, NOT purely for the sake of achievement, but focused on purpose. What emerged is a Non-profit that focuses on building character, inspiring youth, develops advocacy for causes, all while teaching and performing dance. BTW, you don’t want to miss their stirring dramatic performance at this year’s Race for the Cure, honoring victims and survivors in the battle of breast cancer.

How can you get involved? Serve on our Confluence service team, cheering on participants, offering water and celebrating every noble effort. We need lots of help deploying our music venue and equipment too! Sign up here or show up at 26th & Federal Blvd. by 6:00am.